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Interested in Music Lessons?




From Roberta H. whose granddaughter takes voice lessons from Austin Burns

"Not only does our granddaughter benefit from Austin’s expertise in voice but she also thoroughly enjoys her lessons with him. Austin shows through his teaching style that he has a strong grasp of the dynamics of child behavior. I highly recommend Austin Burns for his teaching abilities and his expertise in voice."


"I have been taking weekly voice lessons from Austin for one year. He is punctual, attentive, caring and thorough. His training, knowledge, and approach emphasizes a choral approach, a versatile, dynamic song range and a strong beginning foundation - enhancing sound, pronunciation and form. I highly recommend him!"



Austin teaches a variety of subjects including voice, piano, and songwriting.

Lesson options

-30 minutes

-1 hour



voice lessons Include

-warm ups

-beginning repertoire of 3 songs, mostly folk songs in English

-focus on vowel placement, posture, breathing technique, basic sight reading and music theory

-advanced lessons include songs in foreign languages and lessons in pronunciation using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

Piano lessons include

-warm ups (Major and Minor scales)

-lead sheet reading (chord symbols), music theory, posture

-songs are assigned one at a time

Guitar Lessons Include

-chord shapes and strumming patterns 


-intro to sight-reading


Songwriting lessons include

-chord types, study of common chord progressions

-roman numeral analysis

-study of rhyme schemes and rhythmic writing (counting syllables)

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